Thursday, February 21, 2013

From John F Kennedy to Bob Hope - A Photo TR

I commute between New York City and LA quite frequently. Yesterday’s flight was my 20th trip across the continental US (JFK-BUR or LAX) over the last 6 months. Below is the picture of Manhattan taken during descend into JFK on B6/358, BUR-JFK last Monday 11FEB2013. Sorry for the low quality...It’s kind of hard to do a night-shot using my iPhone 4S.

I usually fly B6 on the direct JFK/BUR flight but sometimes UA or DL has much cheaper fares. I flew DL on JFK-SLC-BUR/SNA-SLC-JFK last November saving over $100 and wrote up a trip report (14NOV2012 - JFK-BUR Via SLC // SNA-JFK Via SLC) . This time, I flew UA on JFK-SFO-BUR and return via the same routing. Two days before traveling, I finally upgraded myself to an iPhone 5! I love the LTE speed!! It’s so much faster than 3G. I also grandfather’d the Unlimited Data Plan so I will probably be streaming music and videos a lot more frequently now! It started raining so I ducked into a coffee shop on 23rd (between 7th and 8th) to play with my new toy.

24-hours before my flights, I used the United iOS app to check-in and import the mobile boarding passes to my Passbook. It's very convenient because throughout the trip, when new gates are assigned, the app will automatically update the gate info on my Passbook Boarding Pass (if you turn "auto update" on). The UA397 JFK to SFO Passbook Boarding Pass...

The UA6421 SFO to BUR Passbook Boarding Pass...

For some odd reason, I couldn’t fall asleep the night before the commute! I’m sure it wasn’t travel anxiety or etcetera but I just couldn’t fall asleep! I ended up watching several episodes of How I Met Your Mother (overrated, IMO), filling out my Taiwanese passport renewal form, and munched on the huge buy-one-get-one-free burrito I got from Chipotle. This brought back the memories of when I was at UC Davis, I frequented Chipotle on the nights I felt too lazy to cook and the times when I went on cheap college student dinner dates.

At 5:20 AM, I left the condo and walked to Penn Station to catch the 5:47 AM Long Island Rail Road to Jamaica and then taking the AirTrain into JFK. I had to print out my boarding passes again for my collection. However, I’m glad I had it printed out because, for some reason, the guy in front of me at the security line couldn’t go through with his mobile boarding pass. I took out my printed boarding pass reluctantly and gave it to the ID checker. Why reluctantly you ask? Because I like to collect neat boarding passes but they always write (borderline DRAW) on your boarding passes.


I went through the security with my carry-on bag pretty smoothly without issue. Thank goodness I got to the security check point before the huge group of Chinese tourists! When I was putting my shoes and belt back on, a few TSA agents called “bag check” on on some of those unsuspecting tourist. This one grandpa was very protective of his things and was trying to reach over constantly to grab things from his bag while the TSA guy was checking (I’m sure everyone reading knows that it is a big No-No). The tour guide was nowhere to be seen and the grandpa was starting to freak out so I approached the grandpa and translated all the agent’s questions so the grandpa can answer. Well, that’s the walk to the gate. From here on, it is pretty uneventful so I will let the pictures do the talking. I wasn’t able to take a good exterior picture of the B752 and forgot to take one after landing because I was rushing to the loo.

United Airlines

Wednesday February 20, 2013

Flight UA 397 JFK - SFO

Aircraft: Boeing 757-200

Seat: 18A, Economy Plus (p.s.)

Scheduled Departure: 8:04 AM, actual: 8:23 AM

Scheduled Arrival: 11:29 AM, actual: 11:18 AM

Cabin shots after landing:

The highlight of connecting at SFO was the bus shuttle between Terminal 3 and Terminal 1. It was like a UA Tarmac tour of SFO! Below are the pictures taken during the shuttle bus ride. Again, I apologize for the low quality pictures and the lack of photo-editing skills. I don’t know how to get rid of the window reflections!

Going through a tunnel to get to Terminal 1:

We arrived at Terminal 1 and I proceeded straight to Gate 38 to charge up my phone and take a nap. Before I knew it (actually, 2 hours later), the gate agent called for boarding. On the little walk to the aircraft...I have yet to fly in the new UA livery CRJ. Last June, I flew LAX-SMF on a CRJ700 and it was the tulips, too! IMO, tulips livery >> globe livery.

United Airlines

Wednesday February 20, 2013

Flight UA 6421 SFO - BUR

Aircraft: Canadair CRJ-200

Seat: 2A, Economy

Scheduled Departure: 1:55 PM, actual: 1:57 PM

Scheduled Arrival: 3:08 PM, actual: 2:45 PM

You can see San Francisco waaaaay back there in the background.

Initial Descend into the San Fernando Valley.

Continuing the descend into BUR...

My other half works in an office building inside this picture.

On the ground at Bob Hope Airport (BUR).

Terminal B is very small at BUR. It only took me 1 minute to get from Tarmac to curb. Here’s yours truly waiting to be picked up at the curb.

This concludes Trip #20 across the US. I really enjoyed the FAs on UA and OO and the crews where very friendly. The Captain of the CRJ saw that I was taking a picture of the aircraft and asked if I wanted to be in the picture. I responded “No. Thank you very much though. I’m writing a trip report and I don’t think my readers would care much about a picture of me.” Trip #21 going back to New York is the same routing. However, it will be a night flight so I may not be able to get decent pictures. I will comment/reply/post in this thread if I have some pictures of the return flight. I’m looking forward to Trip #21: LGA-DEN-BUR on Thursday March 7, 2013. Thank you very much for reading. I look forward to reading your comments!

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